Zach Lowe: Nets not high on Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole in Kevin Durant trade

Zach Lowe: Nets not high on Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole in Kevin Durant trade

A few weeks ago there were rumors that the Warriors were interested in a blockbuster trade to bring Kevin Durant back to the Bay Area. There was even a report that KD was interested in the reunion.

But now, just over three weeks after Durant requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, all signs point to a Warriors deal not going through.

Certainly, if the Warriors and Nets came to some sort of framework agreement on a massive trade, the main pieces returning to Brooklyn would have to be first-time All-Star Andrew Wiggins and 2021-22 breakout star Jordan Poole to possibly a combination of Jonathan Kuminga, James Wiseman and Moses Moody, if not all, as well as several future first-round draft picks.

But ESPN NBA analyst Zach Lowe believes the Nets aren’t convinced the package’s headliners are the stars they’re looking for in a Durant trade.

“There you negotiate because you wouldn’t end up giving up all those players,” Lowe said during a conversation with Warriors reporter Kendra Andrews during the latest episode of The Lowe Post podcast. “That’s just too many players to give up when you’re giving up a lot of picks too. By the way, the Warriors, for a good team, only owe them one future first-round pick. You owe it to Memphis about them [Andre] Iguodala wage deficit [in 2019], which feels like eons. They are actually set up to have more flexibility. commercially, not financially. They break all barriers financially, but are more flexible than most teams when it comes to trading.

“You would negotiate there. They would end up keeping a Kuminga or a Moody. The problems are Wiggins and Simmons. They come across the designated rookie fiasco a kind of centerpiece player. Then you get to the other guys who have done relatively little in the NBA. So I don’t know if there was ever actually a deal the Nets would have made there. Obviously you must examine it if you are the warriors.”

Lowe’s report comes two days after Warriors president Bob Myers told’s Mark Medina that he likes his roster the way it is and wants to give them a chance to win another title together.

It’s unclear if Myers’ recent comments are an attempt to cheer up the youngsters given their names being mentioned in trade rumours.

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And no matter how the Nets might feel about Wiggins and Poole, the Warriors hold them in high esteem. Both have thrived in the Golden State system and culture and appear to be big parts of the team’s future.

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