Unjected is a dating site for unvaccinated “safe blood” people

Unjected is a dating site for unvaccinated “safe blood” people

I was on Facebook the other day and was somehow recommended a Facebook Live called Pure Blood Love Live. I was like, huh, does “pure blood” mean what I’m thinking? I watched a bit of the video and read some of the site that featured it – that was an anti-masking group – and sure enough, yes, by “clean blood” they mean “people who didn’t get the COVID – 19 vaccination.” So I wondered how common this is and decided to see if I could find out more.

It turns out that in the first year of the pandemic, many “vaccination-free” dating sites have popped up around the world, while mainstream dating sites like Match, eHarmony and Tinder have also added a feature to let you browse your choices Vaccination can restrict status. I think these two phenomena aren’t too surprising, and being able to narrow down your choices to either vaxed or ungevaxxt is certainly helpful to the people who use the sites. But one of the most popular dating sites for the unvaccinated, Unjected takes all of this to another level. Unjected embraces the language surrounding blood purity (see their own website description below) – “mRNA-free blood”, “contaminated blood supply”, “sure blood match”, “population integrity” – which is disturbingly reminiscent of Nazi discourses above it “purity of blood.”

As the Museum of Tolerance explains:

Hitler’s racial ideology stemmed from what he called “the fundamental principle of blood.” This meant that the blood of every man and every race contained the soul of a man and also the soul of his race, the people. Hitler believed that the Aryan race, to which all “true” Germans belonged, was the race whose blood (soul) was the highest. Indeed, God Himself had created the Aryans to be the most perfect human beings, both physically and spiritually.

Maybe this connection is a big step, but at the very least people should be aware of the language they are using and try to find other ways to express their ideas if they don’t want people to make that leap. So what is Unjected? The website describes the website and the project as follows:

Created by two mothers in Hawaii, during the peak of vaccine rollout in Spring 2021; Unjected is a diverse platform of health-conscious, Covid-19-unvaccinated people who believe in medical freedom, choice, freedom of expression and physical autonomy. After media smear, we have grown to more than 110,000 members in 85 different countries around the world, striving for love, friendships, community, business connections and even mRNA-free blood registers and fertility registers to protect the integrity of the population.

-Unjected is for any adult who has not been vaccinated against Covid-19 and is looking to connect with like-minded people in their area or around the world.

-Features to help you find love with mRNA free partners.

– Find friendships with those who truly understand “what is really going on”.

-Social feeds with no fact checker.

-Listings features to connect and do business with those who have always been mandate-free or find local artists and creatives to support your local unvaccinated community.

-If you’re concerned about the contaminated blood supply, find your safe blood match. Or also if you are looking for mRNA free donors for reproductive services. Unjected is for you.

Recently, a programmer named GeopJr discovered that the Unjected website posed a security risk and all of its users’ data was vulnerable. The Daily Dot explains:

The site admin dashboard was open to everyone. The dashboard allows Unjected’s administrators to add, edit or deactivate pages such as the About Us section of the website and user accounts.

The discovery was made after GeopJr noticed that Unjected’s web application framework had been left in debug mode, allowing them to learn relevant information “that someone with malicious intent could misuse”.

After Daily Dot set up a test account on the platform, GeopJr was able to change the account’s personal email address, username, and profile picture. GeopJr was also able to edit a public post from the Daily Dot and change its wording.

Other data such as website backups could be downloaded or deleted. GeopJr could give away $15 a month worth of Unjected subscriptions, as well as answering and deleting Help Center tickets and reported posts.

When Unjected co-founder Shelby Thomson became aware of the vulnerability, he emailed the Daily point to inform them that the Unjected security team would fix the issue as soon as possible. However, even after “fixing” the vulnerabilities, users continued to report “that they encountered numerous glitches on Unjected that exposed their personal information even more than before”.

Good job, Unjected, way of keeping track! It’s shocking – SHOCKING I tell you! – that a website dedicated to “pure blood” anti-vaxx propaganda is somehow not comprehensively informed about cybersecurity and is not up to date in terms of security protocols. As if you needed any more reasons to stay far, far away.

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