TikToker claims JetBlue forced them off the terminal

TikToker claims JetBlue forced them off the terminal

The viral video of a woman sharing an experience with JetBlue has many viewers defending the airline’s lack of liability.

In a series of three videos, TikTok user @holly_woodstock tells her viewers that Ma. Due to weather conditions that left her without a place to stay overnight, she asked a JetBlue representative if the airline could compensate her for the hotel room she had to book.

While this exchange isn’t shown in the video, The TikToker claims that her request for housing resulted in her being “yelled at,” “thrown out,” and locked out of the airport, so she had to look for accommodation, which she would have to pay out the pocket.

In response to a commenter asking her to file a complaint with the airport and the airline, @holly_woodstock wrote that she had filed complaints with both companies and that JetBlue told her it was “the airport’s fault”.

JetBlue policy states that if a flight is canceled due to weather conditions, customers can choose to travel on the next available flight, receive a travel bank credit with the airline, or receive a refund back to the original method of payment.

However, there is no question of the assumption of necessary accommodation costs in the event of a flight cancellation. According to the JetBlue website, the company offers travel insurance in partnership with Allainz, which in some cases would cover the cost of a hotel room.

Many commenters agreed that the airline is not responsible for covering accommodation costs, and others criticized @holly_woodstock for believing that was the case.

“Airlines are not responsible for weather delays,” wrote one commenter. “If you’re worried about this happening to you, get travel insurance.”

“Has the flight been canceled due to weather?” wrote another commenter. “Then you don’t have to pay anything.”

“Unfortunately, this is how air traffic works,” wrote another. “And with all the crew shortage causing delays and cancellations, that’s happening more frequently now.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @holly_woodstock via Instagram direct message and email to JetBlue. They did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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*Initial publication: July 23, 2022 at 1:33 pm CDT

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