The best and worst days to fly for the holidays this year

The best and worst days to fly for the holidays this year

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With scorching temperatures sweeping much of the country right now, Thanksgiving and the December holidays can feel like the distant future. And if summer travel was any indication, flying this holiday season will likely be a nightmare.

But some days will be worse than others – at least in terms of flight costs and crowds at the airport. Taking traffic, fares and other factors into account, here are the best and worst days to fly for the 2022 holiday season.

The best and worst days of flying for Thanksgiving 2022

If you’re traveling for Thanksgiving and haven’t booked your flights yet, keep these dates in mind:

Worst days to fly

Based on travel data from previous holiday periods, the team at The Vacationer predicts Wednesday, November 23, to be the worst day to fly before Thanksgiving, noting that it’s one of the most popular days of the year to fly, it’s expensive, and that “airports are always busy, so it’s a special one.” stressful experience.”

The worst day for a return flight is Sunday 27 November, as airports will again be crowded – this time with people wanting to get home before the start of the work week.

The best days to fly

On the other hand, the best departure dates for Thanksgiving travel are:

  • Monday, 11/21
  • Tuesday, 11/22
  • Thursday 24th November (Thanksgiving)

While flying on vacation itself isn’t ideal, it can end up being the cheapest and easiest option, so it’s worth considering.

The best dates for return flights are:

  • Friday, 11/25
  • Monday, 11/28
  • Tuesday, 11/29

The best and worst flying days for Christmas 2022

Here’s what you should know about booking flights around Christmas and Hanukkah:

Worst days to fly

The worst days for a departure are:

  • Thursday, 12/22
  • Friday, 12/23

And the worst days for a return flight are:

  • Monday, December 26th (last Hanukkah night)
  • Tuesday, 12/27

The best days to fly

The earlier you can fly for Christmas and Hanukkah, the better. Ait’s getting closer tDuring the holidays, the best days for a one-way flight are:

  • Sunday, December 18 (first evening of Hanukkah)
  • Monday, 12/19
  • Tuesday, December 20th
  • Saturday 24 December (Christmas Eve)
  • Sunday 25 December (Christmas Day)

And the best days for a return flight are:

  • Wednesday, 12/28
  • Thursday, 12/29
  • Friday December 30th

For more information, see The Vacationer’s full report here.

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