Skull Session: Buckeye Offense Can Still Improve, NCAA Could Allow Multiple Immediate Transfers And Pat Narduzzi Blasts Big Ten

Skull Session: Buckeye Offense Can Still Improve, NCAA Could Allow Multiple Immediate Transfers And Pat Narduzzi Blasts Big Ten

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Word of the day: Stupefy.

OPEN SESSION. Remember all the talk about a one-time transfer? You can throw all that overboard because the NCAA is considering allowing players to switch as many times as they want and always be eligible to play immediately.

There’s a bit of give and take here, as the transfer window forces players to make those moves at specific times rather than in the middle of a season. But for those of you who were worried about college football turning into a free hand — it’s here.

ARE YOU SURE? Pat Narduzzi led Pitt to their best season in decades last season, but it still ended in a postseason loss to the Big Ten’s third-best team. Somehow, Narduzzi decided the game was a perfect example of why Pitt would win the Big Ten every year.

No, not just last year. Not just next year. Narduzzi seriously suggested that the Panthers would win the Big Ten every year.

Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi said he believes if quarterback Kenny Pickett had played in that game, it would have been a completely different game.

“He has 21 points difference, ok. Michigan State is getting their ass kicked,” Narduzzi said in Bazzy’s Black and Gold Banter. “It’s at least a 14 point difference if Nick Patti plays the whole game.”

“You talk about Big Ten and SEC and ACC. If this is one of the best Big Ten teams, let’s go to the Big Ten and win it every year,” he said. “I don’t want to hear about this dominance of the Big Ten and the SEC.”

It’s perfectly fair to want to play the “what if?” Game over Kenny Pickett, but Narduzzi conveniently forgets to mention that Michigan State also had several starters, including Kenneth Walker III, who won both the Doak Walker and Walter Camp Player of the Year awards.

You know what the best team in the Big Ten does when they face their third-string quarterback in an important game? You certainly don’t lose and complain about it six months later.

ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT? Ohio State is bringing back a Heisman Trophy finalist as quarterback, the most prolific receiver in program history, two top-five offensive tackles and a running back who ranked second in the state in yards per carry last season.

And yet, with all of these returning figures, there’s still a very clear area where offense can improve.

As spring training began in March, offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson acknowledged some of the unit’s shortcomings from the previous season.

Wilson pointed to toughness as an area. He said it was necessary to “knock it in and drive down the field.” Inconsistency when ending drives prevented them from being an elite offense.

“Right now we’re a good statistical offense,” Wilson said. “But to be an elite offensive, we have to be more consistent.”

The Buckeyes often stopped in the red zone. Her red zone touchdown percentage of 64.4% ranked 45th on the FBS.

There were times last season when I seriously felt that Ohio State was more likely to score on a play from 60 yards than when they were inside the 10. I would rather not do that again.

WHERE DO I SIGN? There are a million reasons why a teenager would sign on the dotted line to play Ohio State Football, but tell you what, these facilities are probably pretty damn high on that list.

At least one person looks at these photos and gets ideas for their home’s interior design, and I respect everything about it.

SONG OF THE DAY. “Never Give Up” by Rick Astley.

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