Nier Automata Secret Door Hunt ends in the wildest way

Nier Automata Secret Door Hunt ends in the wildest way

gif: Square Enix / Sadfutago

It all started with one question: “How do you get into church?” As it turns out, the answer is simple: They don’t—at least not yet. Yes, Nier: Automata‘s confusing secret door was all just a complicated mod.

In case you haven’t followed, Nier: Automata‘s secret door had all the makings of a pantheonic gaming mystery. Two months ago, one kidney Player, known only by his Reddit name Sadfutago, started looking for a hidden church on niche subreddits. but Nier: Automataan action-RPG developed by PlatinumGames and released in 2017, had no location that fit such a description, leading the few people who paid attention to call it bullshit.

Finally Sadfutago released video evidence of the discoverylocated in the duplicated city, one level from Nier: Automata which is devoid of color and texture, giving it the look of a game in early development. This clip – and subsequent, larger clips – caused an uproar in the community. Some fans thought it was a legitimate instance of cut or hidden content for Nier: Automata. Others thought it was an outright fake, either a scam or a mod or a viral marketing campaign orchestrated by kidney Director Yoko Taro, who is no stranger to hijinks. (Here is a detailed overview of the whole saga.) More did what the internet does best: Meme it into oblivion.

Well, it turns out that the whole area was the work of three modders: DevolasRevenge, who designed the geography and architecture; Woeful_Wolf who created the tools in mixer; and RaiderB, who wrote the scripting tools. They plan to go public with everything, but not for a few days, DevolasRevenge tells kotaku. It’s been quite a week. You are tired.

“It was originally intended to be a little joke to show people and we were fully expecting dataminers like Lance [McDonald] and Grojdg to shoot us down in two seconds,” says DevolasRevenge. “But they also questioned it.”

A statement from modders reveals the truth behind Nier: Automata's secret door.

The statement of the team.
picture: DevolasRevenge / Woeful_Wolf_ / RaiderB

At first, the footage appeared to be real. But in recent days, Sadfutago’s posts have started to include dead giveaways. One of their latest Reddit posts mentioned “Zinnia” – a niche aspect of kidney Lore – which suggested that Sadfutago, whoever they were, had more knowledge than they cared to admit. Also, the entire church territory contained assets from Nier: Replicant‘s more recent remaster, which came out in 2021. It’s an imagination that the base version of a 2017 game could feature character models from a 2021 game. (It was widely believed that this discovery was made in version 1.00 of the game – meaning it was not affected by any post-release patches or updates.)

“Towards the end I thought most people thought it was a mod,” said DevolasRevenge. “I didn’t want to mislead anyone.”

DevolasRevenge said some people “seem to take it negatively.” But further the kidney Mod Discord, at least people are in largely good spirits. They joke, confirming their belief that something was wrong with the Church. Some productive kidney Modders are excited to work with a new suite of tools. While Nier: Automata Modding tools are quite sophisticated, modders have not been able to change the game’s environment to the extent seen in the church videos.

“This is going to have a pretty big impact on the community,” says Meowsandstuff, a member of the kidney Modding community and a leading figure in the hunt to prove the secret door wasn’t all it seemed, I’m told. “While we already had the tools to do similar stuff, to my knowledge a lot of the newer stuff is much better developed and more user-friendly.”

As part of his investigations, Meowsandstuff designed his own version of the secret church. The architecture of the area was spot on but it kept crashing when you tried to walk down the main hallway to the church. Now he wants to polish up the progress he has made so far. He’ll discard the rest and then use the new tools for a bunch of other ideas, including one that renders that Nier: Automata Map with the low key look of the copied city (which sounds like dope AF by the way).

“I honestly feel pretty refreshed,” Meowsandstuff said. “I wanted to think it might be something that wasn’t a mod, but knowing now that this is a mod and that we’re getting access to the tools necessary to make stuff like this really energizes me.” provided.”

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