Maserati introduces the amazing MC20-based Project24 supercar

Maserati introduces the amazing MC20-based Project24 supercar

Maserati has proven with the MC20 that it can build superb supercars on its own. It’s strong enough to compete with other supercars and beautiful enough to turn heads not only on the road but also at car shows.

The reception for the Maserati MC20 was so great that only a roadster version called MC20 Cielo had to be introduced.

Perhaps not finished with the MC20, Maserati is creating another version tuned just for the tracks.

With this, the brand introduces a novelty designed to catapult its performance on the racetrack to a new level of adrenaline – the new Maserati Project24.

The Project24 Supercar is more powerful than the Maserati MC20

Because this MC20-based track supercar is a project, Maserati calls it Project24.

It builds on the specifications of the MC20 supercar and then improves on them by incorporating various elements that should make the Project24 suitable for pure track use.

Despite this, the Project24 looks completely different from the MC20 street supercar.

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The 3.0-liter Nettuno V6 90-degree twin-turbo engine, for example, comes with new turbochargers to increase power from 621 hp to 740 hp.

Featuring the Maserati Twin Combustion (MTC) Twin Spark with dual TJI combustion controls, this engine transmits power to the wheels through a six-speed sequential racing gearbox with paddle shifters, using a racing clutch and a self-locking limited-slip mechanical differential.

With an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber central monocoque, as well as an all-new carbon fiber body with specific natural fiber components, the Project24 offers high-performance aerodynamics that include a multi-adjustable front and rear wing.

Its suspension system includes a double wishbone setup with a semi-virtual steering axle, adjustable racing dampers, and adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars.

Project24 meets the racing safety requirements of the FIA

As a pure track supercar, the Project24 meets the FIA’s safety requirements for racing.

For example, it is fitted with an FIA homologated FT3 120 liter fuel tank, an FIA fire extinguisher and an FIA homologated safety roll cage.

It rides on bespoke 18-inch forged aluminum wheels with slick tires, with stopping power coming from Brembo ventilated CCMR racing brakes.

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Interior elements include racing seats, an adjustable racing pedal box, an adjustable steering column, a 6-point racing seat belt, a multifunctional carbon fiber steering wheel (with built-in display), a dashboard and data acquisition system, and air conditioning such as adjustable racing ABS and traction control.

Optional items include a rear camera display, telemetry recording, an in-car video recording camera, a driving performance optimization indicator and a tire pressure monitoring system.

Source: Maserati

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