Mark Zuckerberg is ‘visibly frustrated’ by workers’ furlough question

Mark Zuckerberg is ‘visibly frustrated’ by workers’ furlough question


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Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t quite hide his anger at an employee who asked about vacation days during a staff meeting.

At a Q+A meeting on June 30, Meta’s CEO made several announcements, including plans to cut underperforming workers, according to a recent report.

Zuckerberg reportedly warned employees that the recent market slump “could be one of the worst slumps we’ve seen in recent history” before rolling out planned cost cuts.

So perhaps it wasn’t the best time for a Chicago employee to ask if “Meta Days” (additional time off introduced in the wake of the pandemic) would continue next year.

However, to her credit, the question was recorded before the online meeting began.

“Um… fine,” Zuckerberg replied in a recording obtained by US news site The Verge. “Given my tone in the rest of the Q&A, you can probably imagine my reaction to that.”

During that meeting, Zuckerberg spoke strongly to employees, saying Meta would implement higher standards and cut employees who couldn’t meet the new performance guidelines.

“Realistically, there’s probably a lot of people at the company who shouldn’t be here,” Zuckerberg said, shocking many in the audience.

According to Meta spokesperson Joe Osborne, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows Meta.

“The reports of this effort are consistent with this focus and what we have already publicly shared about our operating style,” he said in a statement.

“If you want to have a lasting effect, you have to prioritize in a disciplined manner and work with great intensity to achieve your goals.”

Vacation in America

The US is one of the few countries (and the only developed country in the world) that does not treat paid vacations as a right. Therefore, the amount of annual leave varies depending on the employer.

Exact numbers are hard to find, but reports say Meta employees get 21 vacation days, 11 company vacation days, and “sick days when you need them” in most U.S. locations.

This is generous considering the US average is around 10 days per year.

In 2020, Zuckerberg also gave all employees the entire Thanksgiving week off and added three additional days of paid vacation, called a meta leave.

Zuckerberg himself is a fan of mixing pleasure with business and taking vacations while away on business.

In recent years he has traveled extensively with his wife Priscilla Chan to popular tourist destinations such as the Louvre in Paris, the Parthenon in Greece and the island of Kaua’i in Hawaii, where he owns several properties.

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