Jet2 passenger stunned after being served ‘shocking’ in-flight sandwich

Jet2 passenger stunned after being served ‘shocking’ in-flight sandwich

A JET2 passenger was left stunned after being served a “shocking” in-flight sandwich.

Alex Holowko was traveling with the tour operator from Scotland to Madeira when he was served food on the 4.5 hour flight.

A man caught them


A man has captured the ‘shocking’ meal he was served on a flight
What he was served was a sad version of the menu picture


What he was served was a sad version of the menu picture

He took to TikTok to share his experience of airplane food and commented, “A very accurate portrayal” as he began the clip.

He showed a display of how he expected his putative tuna crunch roll.

“The shocking reality,” he said, sharing footage of what he was served.

It showed the sandwich lathered in what looks like creamy mayonnaise on tiger bread with chunks of red pepper.

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However, all the other ingredients were missing, including shredded tuna, pickles and diced onions.

While some saw the funny side of Alex’s sad sandwich, others weren’t so sympathetic – many defended the low-cost airline.

“Personally I’ve had a great time flying Jet2 and they honestly do their best to ensure the health and safety of all passengers,” wrote one TikTok user.

“It’s the catering staff and the cooking staff, not Jet2!” one person pointed this out.

One person came to Alex’s defense and claimed many had had a similar reaction: “Why is everyone so angry – you would have felt the same thing.”

A Jet2 spokesperson told Sun Online Travel: “We pride ourselves on providing an award-winning experience from the moment people begin their holiday with us, including our onboard food and beverages.

“Our inflight meals and sandwiches consistently receive great feedback from customers, so we would like to apologize to the customer for any inconvenience caused on this isolated occasion. We will check this with our supplier.”

Last month, another Jet2 passenger was stunned after ordering an in-flight meal – and receiving something that didn’t look like the picture.

And in May, an easyJet passenger was also shocked after paying £5 for “the worst airline meal ever”.

Experts have discovered why airplane food always tastes bad – and it has to do with cabin pressure.

The air on airplanes is extremely dry, which can dry out your nasal passages and make your taste buds less perceptive.

In addition, the low cabin pressure decreases the oxygen levels in your blood.

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This means the part of your nervous system that responds to smells becomes less sensitive, making your sense of smell even worse.

A chef found a simple way to make food taste better.

Some agreed with Alex while others praised Jet2


Some agreed with Alex while others praised Jet2

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