It will arise when the time comes

It will arise when the time comes

A final farewell to the “dead zone” when my expectations of nothing soon become expectations of something!

So we got that going for us, which is nice.

One more note about Randy Duncan: He was well respected in both football and basketball for his Des Moines (Iowa) Roosevelt high school. In the latter sport, he was an All-State Guard in 1954 and led his team to the State Championship Game. However, Duncan and Roosevelt lost that game to the Muscatine Little Muskies. My father was the coach of the Muskies.

Sounds like they weren’t that “little” that day.

Successor to Monty of Hazen, ND and the Packers-Bears are all-time wins, while it’s true the Bears currently have one more win, they’ve also played 34 more games. The Packers also have the highest winning percentage of all time in the NFL.

Please answer in the order of your confidence, which do you think is the most likely? A) Aaron Rodgers wins third straight MVP, B) Eau Claire’s Derek wins next II MVP, C) Davante Adams has more TDs than Packers WRs combined, D) II’s meaningful playoff coverage of the team lasts longer than last Year.

David of Warman, Saskatchewan

Do you ever follow ex-packers who are in the CFL now? If not, I wanted to let you know that Jake Dolegala will be starting for my Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday. Do you think Aaron could go see some plays? It should be quite interesting as he is making his first professional start due to a Covid outbreak in the team. Let’s understand Jake! GPG and Go Riders!

I’ll admit I don’t follow ex-packers north of the border, but I’ll definitely check the box score Monday morning.

Mike from Cottage Grove, Minnesota

I live about 16 miles from the Viking training center. Would it be distasteful for me to wear Packers gear to watch one of their practices?

I challenge you to take a notebook or tablet with you and then keep holding up your smartphone as if you’re recording everything on video.

Michael from Santa Cruz, CA

Do you expect the Field Goal/XP unit to fall back down to about a 90% success rate this season? Of all the unknowns heading into this season, this is the one I just have no sense of what’s coming. Mason Crosby has certainly earned equity/trust – and he can bounce back after an underperforming season – but when you look at the surgery when he missed last season, bad snaps and bad holds don’t stand out as common denominators. Bad blocking was the most common theme in my opinion.

Protection was the biggest issue, but the other areas also played a role here and there. That’s why veterans like Crosby always talk about the whole operation – grab, hold, protect, kick. Everything has to be in sync or nothing, and the same goes for coverage and return teams. The Packers’ struggles over the past few years invited opponents to look that much harder for weaknesses to exploit. The beast feeds on itself and the packers have to stop providing the bait.

Chris from New Canaan, Connecticut

Each season has a game near halftime (sorry for the Chicago airport reference) that sets the tone for the rest of the reason. It feels like the season is on a fulcrum; Lose it and there’s trouble, win it and there’s confidence for the rest of the schedule. The pivotal game last year was @ARZ in my opinion, which obviously ended well with Douglas’ walk-off INT in the EZ. Which preseason game do you look out for as a season-defining game? I like DAL@GB and NE@GB.

There is no way to call it beforehand. Did anyone see Arizona was undefeated at the end of October last year? It will arise when the time comes.

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