If Intervention doesn’t come back in Modern Warfare 2, I’m going to cry

If Intervention doesn’t come back in Modern Warfare 2, I’m going to cry

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If there’s one thing we want to see in Modern Warfare 2, it’s the return of the Intervention sniper rifle.

Arguably one of the most popular weapons in the original game, the Intervention offered unstoppable power and accuracy, outperforming its rivals like the Barrett 50th cal. It just felt right.

Combined with the Stopping Power perk, a shot to the head or stomach would be enough to trip an enemy. Without them, you’ll need to aim for the head for a one-hit kill.

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But it wasn’t just about its firepower, it was about the weapon as well – including the satisfying bolt-action movement and firing sound that made this a perfect weapon for multiplayer.

In fact, I had some of my fondest memories of playing the game in multiplayer – magically landing a kill streak while hopping and weaving, quickly zooming in, firing, reloading, and then doing the same thing all over again.

Amazingly, the Intervention underperforms alongside its rival, the Barrett .50cal. It has a lower magazine capacity and rate of fire – not to mention more idle wobble. But for some reason it just kept getting better.

As one gamer wrote on Reddit, “If you fire the Intervention halfway through the ADS animation, it has the same accuracy as firing from the hip. I look quickly with the intervention and it’s most effective a split second after you’ve zoomed all the way in.

“If you don’t have time to zoom in all the way, you might as well try a no-scope. However, quickscoping with the Barrett is possible, there are likely to be Barrett quickscoping videos on YouTube.

“Also: I use the Intervention because it looks cooler and the sound it makes when the bullet cuts through the air is badass. pthewww“.

Another player added: “Honestly, I like the Intervention’s smaller profile. The Barrett is too damn big and loud. Also, the recoil is awful. Since I’m using the ACOG in my intervention, the reduced recoil helps quite a bit.”

The Intervention was often paired with an ACOG scope, making it an assault-type sniper rifle, making it more accessible to those who preferred mid-range combat.

Arguably the best thing about the intervention was the difficulty curve. It was a difficult weapon to master (never have I) but those who made the effort were rewarded with an almost unstoppable weapon. It took time, but anyone could become a master – and there was always respect from the community around those who tamed the intervention.

So is intervention actually coming back?

There’s no news yet, but there are certainly rumors that it may well come back in Modern Warfare 2 – although those are all… rumours. The same rumors also hinted that the popular ACR assault rifle would make a return.

The Intervention returned in Modern Warfare Remastered – but it was called Die S-Tac Aggressorand was added in an update on June 27, 2017.

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