HP is discounting the Omen gaming PC by 0

HP is discounting the Omen gaming PC by $700

HP 45L Gaming Desktop on white background.

Attention gamers, because this deal is definitely for you! Right now, HP is offering a pretty sweet bargain on the Omen gaming desktop, so today could be the day to take your gaming setup to the next level. Originally $2,300, HP has discounted this powerful slot by $750, bringing the price down to $1,550. That’s a huge discount on such a fast gaming PC, and certainly one of the best gaming PC deals we’ve seen lately.

Even if you’ve already seen our favorite HP laptop deals, don’t skip this one because there’s a big difference between computers that can be used for gaming and computers that are designed for gaming. HP’s Omen falls into the latter category; This PC desktop is every gamer’s dream. It’s powered by the latest AMD Ryzen 5000 series processor, designed to handle everything from your computer, from playing the latest games to creating new game worlds. It runs on Windows 11, an industry standard, and has an updated start menu so you can jumpstart your next gaming session. Not only does it have mind-blowing performance, but it also comes with a 45-liter body with tempered glass panels and an all-metal frame with tool-less access.

The Omen comes with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card, which is equipped with upgraded RT cores and Tensor cores that give you the performance you need to play even the most demanding games with the highest quality graphics. If you find yourself in a difficult Wi-Fi situation, don’t worry because this device has an Ethernet port, so you can play at top speed from anywhere with an Ethernet connection. Perhaps one of the most outstanding features of this gaming PC is the Omen Cryo Chamber, which uses ambient air to create the best possible cooling in the system and is also end-user upgradeable.

Both brand-new gamers and die-hard, experienced gamers can benefit from upgrading their setup to the HP Omen. Between its powerful graphics and lightning-fast performance, this device is literally a game changer. Right now it’s on sale at HP for just $1,550, which saves you $750 off its original price of $2,300, and with a discount like that, it’s pretty hard to pass up. Check out some of our gaming monitor deals to pair it with a brand new monitor and get back into the game with so much more power.

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