An UNEXPECTED travel problem can cause big problems on your next trip

An UNEXPECTED travel problem can cause big problems on your next trip

Travel been a bit up in the air lately if you’ll pardon the pun!

Traveling is a bit complicated at the moment

There have been major problems with flying in the United States, from pilot shortages to canceled flights. Fuel prices also make driving more expensive. You may be thinking that the best way to vacation this summer is over go abroad. But there are some big problem so also include that get your hands on a passport. So let’s break down why it can be difficult to get a passport in the US right now.

First, according to the New York Times, passport fees have increased in the United States. An adult pass will be valid for the first time from January $165including the $35 acceptance fee and the cost of a renewed adult pass $130. A passport for minors costs in total $135. Each of these prices has increased $20 since 2021.

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But alongside the higher prices, there was also one months of delays and a serious lack of personal appointments for passport applicants since the beginning of 2020.

Last minute options are also becoming increasingly limited. The online booking option for appointments with US Passport Agencies was phased out in summer 2021. This was the only way to get a same-day emergency travel passport.

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People with last minute travel needs now have money to spend Long waits on the phone trying to find a seat, and you can only book an appointment if you can prove an upcoming trip within 14 days. The appointment itself must be made within 3 working days of your departure. But e.gEven if you find an appointment in the right time frame, it might be in a different city or state.

Options have also narrowed because the number of applications they are allowed to process has been reduced at courier company (or passport attendant) services, which has also caused prices to rise. The number of passports these private companies can handle on a daily basis was reduced by up to 75% and as a result, some companies charge up to $3,000 to speed up your pass.

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If you are an applicant taking a more traditional route and applying for a renewal or new passport directly with the US Department of State, rThe outer passport service now takes between 8 and 11 weeks. Once it only lasted 6 weeks. Express service costs extra $60 and is currently running in between 5 and 7 weeksif before it would take between a few days and 3 weeks.

One passport expediter said almost 75% of their customers now choose to expedite their passports, but this creates another problem – this one Travelers hoping to avoid one backlog are in the process of creating another.

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But no fear! Until the end of the year, Travelers may be able to renew their passports online. President Biden signed an executive order in December creating a Online Passport Renewal System. However, this system is not yet operational. State Department officials said a nationwide launch is planned before the end of 2022.

An UNEXPECTED travel problem can cause big problems on your next trip

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So what does that mean for you? Well, for one DO NOT wait until it is too late to renew or obtain your passport. When a journey is ahead Update your passport as soon as possible. And remember that this problem can also affect people who carry on cruises! If you take a cruise that stops in another country, You must have a valid passport.

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Hopefully the online passport renewal system will alleviate this problem when it becomes operational. But until then, we recommend that you make an appointment to get a pass as soon as possible.

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